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  • Are there plate charges for printing stand-up pouches?
    No, the pouches are digitally printed, so there is no need for offset printing plates. Also, there is no minimum order quantity even you can order one . You can share your design via email / from website product page or via chat also. Apart from that, we do make boxes, labels and much more product and no die charges is required. We need only your artwork/design, or you can also take our graphic design services.
  • Is the interior volume capacity accurate?
    The capacity of each stand-up pouch is only an estimate. If your product takes more volume, we recommend going one size larger than the estimated capacity. For Reference: A- 3.5x5 Inch Standup Pouch (with zip) holds - 50 GM Normal Tea B- 4x7 Inch Standup Pouch (with zip) holds - 100 GM Normal Tea B- 5x8 Inch Standup Pouch (with zip) holds - 200 GM Normal Tea B- 6x9 Inch Standup Pouch (with zip) holds - 250 GM Normal Tea B- 7x10 Inch Standup Pouch (with zip) holds - 500 GM Normal Tea B- 8x12 Inch Standup Pouch (with zip) holds - 1000 GM Normal Tea B- 9x13 Inch Standup Pouch (with zip) holds - 1250 GM Normal Tea Based on your product volume / density you need to choose pouch.
  • How to Connect with Myperfect Team ?
    You can connect us on below numbers based on your location : Working Time : 10:00 AM-07:00 PM ( Monday - Sunday ) Phone Call / WhatsApp: Mobile ( India Customer) 080-6954-7878 ( For Any Enquiry) WhatsApp -+91-95387-80135 Packaging Expert : 93804-28303 +91-90360-16421 ( For Telgu, Kannada, Tamil Language Support) email :
  • Which pouch size is best for my product?
    The pouch size depends on how much space your product needs. Bulkier products need more space. To get the accurate size and capacity, we recommend ordering one stand-up pouch and see how well it will hold your product.
  • I ordered pouches with zippers. Will the zippers be open or closed when I receive them?
    The zippers will be closed and you will need to open them to load the product. Zip pouch can be always reopenable. Contact support@myperfectpack or WhatsApp +91-95387-80135 for more details.
  • Can I order a sample before I buy more?
    Absolutely. You can order one pouch to see if it will fit your product. With our low minimum order, you can test which sizes and materials would be the most appropriate for your product. You can just order 1 Piece with us and can consider that as a sample. However to get samples, you might need to give appropriate shipping charges .
  • What are the artwork / design requirements for custom pouches?
    You can share the design via email – or upload to google drive and share it with us. Note: 1- Share your design in CDR ( Corel Draw Version 17 and above and unlock version) to get HQ printing. If CDR is not available, share in Adobe format ( Photoshop etc.) 2- If you are sharing a PDF file, it should be editable. Don't convert normal image files and share to PDF. 3-Don't send the file in JPEG/ JPG Format 4- Canva files need to design as per size and share access to our email. Please check the size of artwork before sharing it for printing You can also take help from Myperfectpack's graphic designer too. This services are chargeable If you need any clarification , feel free to write us.
  • Which barrier film is best for my product?
    This depends on the type of product you sell. A metalized barrier works best for products that are sensitive to light or have a strong odour. If you want to show your product through a window, we suggest getting a clear medium or clear thin barrier film. The white barrier films are suitable for most products. Recommendable: Both sides metalized Pouch with edge-to-edge printing.
  • Do Myperfectpack digital print on the pouches ?
    Yes, we custom print your design as per your demand without any minimum order requirement. Doing so gives your pouches a professional appearance with our quality full-colour printing. You can get all packaging / customised printing at one place only. For any clarification write us via email ( or call us 1800-309-0135
  • What is the shelf life of my product once it’s packed inside the pouch?
    Finding out product shelf life requires a series of tests by a qualified testing company. We recommend getting in touch with an accredited shelf life testing lab before ordering flat pouches.
  • What are FSSAI Guidelines to print the pouches?
    Please refer below link to get more clarity on FSSAI guidelines for food packaging .
  • What are minimum information should be available on food packaging ?
    Before printing the final pouch or starting your design ensure the below information is available: 1- FSSAI licence number 2-Company HQ Logo, product image 3- Company name, address,phone 4- Market by, Mnf. by details, batch number 5- Net Weight, QTY, MRP, How to use the product, Storage info, serving size 6- Best Before Date, Use By date, Date of Packing 7- RED/Green sign, Bar Code (GTIN) , Nutrition Info 8- Optional: Organic logo, Bottle crush, environment friendly, Gluten Free logo, Fortified logo, Trade Mark cert. Please refer below link to get more clarity on FSSAI guidelines for food packaging . FOOD SAFETY AND STANDARDS (LABELLING AND DISPLAY) REGULATIONS-INDIA-FSSAI Guidelines (
  • I Don't know any graphic designer , do you provide graphic designer services also ?
    Yes , all of our graphic designers are FSSAI trained and can design your product. However, this is on a chargeable basis. A-One product design ( Front + Back) costs 2000 Rs. or 50 USD B-If you order more than one design, the charges are 1500 Rs./ Each design. C-Once the design with complete, you will get the original CDR (Corel Draw) File for future reference also. With digital print, you can design in any colour and we would print for you.
  • Do you provide labels ( Sticker )
    Yes, We provide different varieties of labels/ stickers like transparent, Non-tearable etc. One sheet cost 40 Rs of the size of 12x18 inch. We can print and adjust many stickers as per your size. For example 2x2inch size of sticker 40 No. Can be fit in one sheet. This charges (40 Rs.) Inclusive of printing + lamination +cut of labels so you can easily peel off and use to final surface. You can check and calculate your labels online also link:
  • How to make payment to myperfectpack ?
    For all enquiries raised to myperfectpack are recorded in secure system. For each order, the customer gets an online invoice with a payable link. The customer has the choice to pay online with all leading banks. Apart from that Indian user can use UPI Transfer UPI ID : myperfectpack.63021988@hdfcbank Indian Customers can make payment to below account: Bank Account Number: 50200038002052 IFSC Code: HDFC0000549 Type of Account: Current Branch: Electronic City, Bangalore Customer from other countries can deposit the funds in a local country account. USA Customer can make payment to below account: Account holder: Ekennis Software & Packaging Solutions Inc. ACH and Wire routing number: 084009519 Account number: 9600012049496478 Account type: Checking Wise's address: 30 W. 26th Street, Sixth Floor New York NY 10010,United States UK Customers can make payment to the below account: GBP account details for Ekennis Software & Packaging Solutions Inc.. Account holder: Ekennis Software & Packaging Solutions Inc. Sort code: 23-14-70 Account number: 59796960 IBAN: GB30 TRWI 2314 7059 7969 60 Wise's address: 56 Shoreditch High Street,London,E1 6JJ,United Kingdom
  • What is standard Sizes of Standup / 3 Side Seal Pouch .
    The standard of size of Pouch are mentioned below : 3.5x6 Inch = Holds 50 GRAM of Tea / Spices 4x7 Inch = Holds 100 GRAM of Tea / Spices 5x8 Inch = Holds 200 GRAM of Tea / Spices 6x9 Inch = Holds 250 GRAM of Tea / Spices 7x10 Inch = Holds 500 GRAM of Tea / Spices 8x12 Inch = Holds 1000 GRAM of Tea / Spices 9x13 Inch = Holds 1500 GRAM of Tea / Spices Note : Please check the product you want to pack and the volume it take like almond / cashew takes more volume compare to tea powder . If you are designing your own way , request you to refer the die line available on myperfectpack's website
  • What is lead time for shipment ?
    Shipment of the parcel depends upon various factors and the selection of a shipment partner and your location ( Remote or Metro City ) For more details , please refer our shipment policy
  • How To Track My Order
    Customer can use link and enter order number to track . Link : Alternative call us 080-6954-7878 or whatsapp 95387-80135
  • Which city and countries my perfect pack provide the shipment?
    Myperfectpack has legal offices in India, the USA and the UK. However, we deliver to more than 200+ countries through our logistic partners DHL, UPS, India post, etc. Below are the locations covered by my perfect pack worldwide. We deliver to all pin codes in India and countries mentioned below :

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